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We support our clients in making use of the latest developments in the area of x-ray imaging in an effort to find the best possible solutions to specific problems. To that purpose we offer innovative x-ray analyses and software solutions for various applications.

Our x-ray methods can be put to a number of different uses, e.g. the micro-structure examination of materials, quality management of components and products as well as control and optimisation of manufacturing processes.

Of course, we take charge of the complete processing operation starting from data acquisition to data reconstruction, three-dimensional visualisation and data analysis.

In particular, we develop highly efficient statistical iterative reconstruction algorithms, which make it possible to reduce scan end equipment costs.

Close contact with our clients is of utmost importance to us. The preparation of the results is customised to suit the customer's needs, so that both first-time customers without much experience in the field of x-ray imaging and experienced customers can benefit from our expertise and know-how.

Our X-ray methods:

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