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X-ray inspection services.
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Inspection services

We provide you with an easy way to gain insights into materials and components to improve quality and processes.


Reconstruction software X-AID

Obtain unsurpassed image quality from your CT data using the most advanced iterative reconstruction software.


Technology support

We assist you to find, validate, realize and utilize the best possible X-ray imaging solution for your specific task.


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X-ray Inspection services

Industrial X-ray imaging like 2D radiography and 3D micro CT is a cross-sectional technology for non-destructive testing with a broad range of applications. We offer a large variety of examinations with conventional and emerging X-ray modalities to deliver valuable insight into products and quantitative information on materials.

Failure analyses by X-ray micro CT imaging

Casting part | Resolution: 100 µm

Failure analysis

Quality control by industrial X-ray computed tomography

Plastic component | Resolution: 110 µm

Quality control

Material characterization by X-ray micro computed tomography

Carbon fiber composite | Resolution: 1.8 µm

Material characterization

Iterative reconstruction software X-AID

X-AID is a highly-efficient multi-GPU-based CT reconstruction software which features powerful CT reconstruction and post-processing tools. Its unique statistical iterative reconstruction module delivers superior image quality compared to conventional reconstructions like the FDK, and thus allows to increase the sample throughput and to reduce costs.

Improved X-ray industrial CT reconstruction by XAID for low photon statistics


Low photon statistics

Improved CT reconstruction by XAID for undersampling in industrial computed tomography



Improved reconstruction results in industrial CT analysis of complex components


Complex geometry

X-ray Technology support

Within MITOS we combine many years of experience in X-ray physics, the development of novel imaging modalities, the installation of experimental prototypes and the development of efficient algorithms.
We support you by providing technological know-how and practical advice.

X-ray dark-field radiography imaging results of a tomato

Solanum Lycopersicum

Dark-field Radiography

Enhancing micro computed tomography imaging with phase contrast

Plant Seed

Phase Contrast

X-ray contrast agents for micro ct analysis of tissues

Tissue sample

X-ray Contrast Media



Have a look at our collection of X-ray impressions to find out what X-rays can do and why we use them.
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